Sabah Ali is an entrepreneur who has been making an impact on many college students lives. She is the Founder and Co-Host of Dorm Rooms to Conference Rooms podcast, a Best Selling Author of the book Enrolling in Confidence: How to Live the Lifestyle You Want in College, a Blogger, and Speaker.

Sabah currently is a senior at Iowa State University studying two majors; Apparel Merchandising and Business Management. Her main goal is to inspire college students to go beyond their limits while they are attending college. She also has a strong passion for fashion and is on her way to creating her own clothing line.

Regularly, she enjoys inspiring others through her weekly blogs, daily vlogs, and book. In her free time, Sabah enjoys dancing, reading, traveling, and eating lots of tasty food.


Please reach out if you are interested in working with Sabah. She has knowledge and experience ranging from building brands, becoming a best selling author, marketing, podcasting, and finding your passion.

Sabah also loves to speak to audiences, to inspire them to start going after their goals in life at a young age.  Her speaking style is from her personal experiences, relating them to people in different fields.

If you would like to work with Sabah or hire her to speak please connect!


Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy

Being able to get all dressed up in a long dress, makeup, heels, and hair done to walk a red carpet with some of the most respected entrepreneurs will definitely be a memorable night. This past weekend I was in […]

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Negativity kills many ideas, dreams, and goals that someone may want to achieve. It’s crazy because years back I never really understood the power of your mind and how your attitude can literally make or break your successes in life. […]

Investing in the Right Things

Expensive cars, huge houses, nice watches, and money are all materialistic things that anyone can have. You can be driving down a nice sunset along the coast side, and BOOM – you get into a car crash and your car […]

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“Know that you have the ability to do ANYTHING in life. No one is going to stop you besides yourself.”


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