3 Reasons Why You Fail in Business and Life

3 Reasons Why You Fail in Business and Life

There have been many ‘excuses’ that we give ourselves when it comes to doing things that can ultimately lead to big successes in our life. Think about it, when we are wanting to make a change in life, business, or relationships we hesitate because we are not sure what the outcome will be. Therefore, we make up an excuse to not pursue that change and then wonder why our life isn’t getting any better.

Yes, I have been guilty of doing the same thing until I realized that I was just wasting my time. I was hoping that one day everything I ever wanted would fall into my lap, but it really doesn’t work that way. A lot of us are used to our same daily routine but if you want to scale your business, make a change in your life, create a better relationship you must address these four main areas that you are neglecting.



I’ll do it later.

No, you won’t! That is the biggest lie we tell ourselves because odds are whatever you are putting off you won’t ever do it later. When we push things off to the last minute we stress ourselves because we don’t leave an adequate amount of time to get the task done. Some people are scared to leave their jobs so they can pursue a business idea that they have been thinking about. So, they wait months and months until they finally have the courage to or they don’t leave their job at all.

Even in business, if we already have a business and we are ready to scale or take it a different direction we wait until it may be the ‘perfect’ time to do so, so we keep putting it off. That doesn’t lead to any good and it just wastes our time.



We doubt ourselves every minute of every day without even knowing it. In every aspect of our lives we doubt every single thing that could happen to us. Maybe you are hesitant to be in a relationship so the second a person approaches you to go on a date you immediately think it’s not going to work out. In your business, you aren’t sure if it’s going to succeed so right away you start looking for jobs. It’s so common in people’s lives that it’s become a habit that kills a lot of dreams and goals that we hope for.

Start changing doubt into positive opportunities that we can take to have a successful future. I have trained myself to see the good in every situation, opportunity, curve ball that is thrown at me. Every time someone gives me a chance that I know can turn into something huge, I take it and then figure out how to do it along the way. Don’t pass up good opportunities just because you think you can’t do it.


Your Influence

Negativity and doubt go hand in hand together. Doubt comes from ourselves but most negativity comes from the influence of other people. Ever been around someone who is down all the time and they shoot down every good opportunity that comes by? Then immediately you start acting and feeling the same way?

That’s because negativity is contagious just as how happy people can influence us to be happy as well. Look at who you surround yourself with and ask yourself if this is who you want to become in the future. The circle that you hang around influences you and your actions more than you may think. If you want to have a positive change in your life hang around people who are striving to have a bright future ahead of them.


Any of the three above relate to you and why you may not be succeeding in life? If so, that is a major wake up call for you to address these issues in order to make a pivot in the direction that you are going in. You may have taken a couple step backwards but acknowledge what you can change and hop on the ride to success.


Sabah Ali



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