Be The Change You Want To See

Be The Change You Want To See

“Show the world what you are capable of doing.”


I put this quote on my Instagram the other day and it really got me thinking on what it meant by showing the world what you are capable of doing. A lot of the times we do things that are unseen or unnoticed, and sometimes we leave it that way. However, in my eyes I believe if you are doing amazing things in the world you should show and inspire others to do the same.

Think about it, all great leaders in the past that did make a change in the world made an impact on society because they told other people about it. Voicing your opinion on a specific cause allows you to educate others on whatever it is that you are passionate about. I know a lot of people may want change in society or their own lives but they don’t do anything about it to make it happen.


Want to know my response on that?


That blows, because odds are things aren’t going to change unless you do something about it.


I love to spark up conversation with random people to see their thoughts on things that are happening in the world and how that is affecting their lives. It’s interesting because some people will sit their and complain about the situations they dislike while others will be actively explaining how they would want to change it. The people who are actually taking action to make a change are the people who will make an big impact on the world.


When you do things that are out of the norm and stand up for what you believe in others will do the same. Become that leader who you would look up to in a situation where there needs to be change being done. A good percent of the population are followers but a handful are leaders that are making accomplishments left and right.


After making those successes, whether you are a leader or a follower, tell the world what you have done! This is one part where some people may be modest about because they don’t want the excessive attention on them. However, in my eyes if you are doing something amazing for the world and you don’t show others to inspire them to do the same, you do a disservice to society.


There are so many people out there who are trying to make a change but the don’t get seen because they forget to tell the world about what they are doing. After learning about how to become an authoritative figure from my accomplishments in my couple of years of college, it’s all about the last step of showing and teaching others to do the same.


Be proud of the things that you accomplish and make a change in the world for what you truly believe in. Holding a genuine personality goes a long way when you are out to be an influencer in your industry.


Because at the end of the day, if you don’t stand to make a change then who will?


Sabah Ali



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