Connections = Successes

Connections = Successes

In college, we’re taught to make connections through our classes, professors, and events we attend. We go to college to learn about a field that interests us, and hope to find a job after we attend four years of school.

Most people apply to numerous big name jobs that thousands of applicants apply for, but are discouraged when they don’t get the job or never hear back. A reason may be because they don’t have an actual connection within the company.

Connections are the most effective way to get that job or internship you’re hoping for.

If you are like me – you don’t want to work for a large corporation or for a faceless someone – we’re in it to create an empire of our own.

The field of entrepreneurship can be very competitive, and while building the next Apple or Facebook is possible, having support is incredibly helpful.

I have created my brand – which includes a t-shirt company, website, and a book – through my team and the people I have connected with. My major success derive from other people, my mentor Brandon T. Adams, has connected me with numerous other people that have helped me build up my name over the past couple of years.

I made that connection and it lead to meeting industry leaders, who have helped me on my journey through creating successes and jumping outside of my comfort zones.

Obviously, you can see that networking is an important factor in our daily lives. However, pretty much everyone still struggles with the attempt to create a relationship, or the how to sustain it.

I have started my best connections while attending events and stepping outside of my comfort zone. When I met Brandon, I wasn’t even out to seek a mentor or gain a connection, it was simply to go listen to a speaker.

From there, I asked for contact information, FOLLOWED UP,  and started to add value to him.

If there is a top influencer that you want to connect with, find who works for them and reach out to them. That is the best way to get your foot in the door to get closer in connecting and working with who you want to.

Do not just ask them for help on your company, they probably get numerous requests every single day about people needing help. Instead ask what they need help with and start by adding value to them.

This will build a strong bond between you two which will eventually pay off down the road. I have worked for free for months before I started to get paid because I saw the value in the connection that I was making.

You are the average of the 5 people that you surround yourself with, so make connections that will help you out for a lifetime!


Sabah Ali



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