Do That One Last Thing

Do That One Last Thing

Lately I have been super busy with new opportunities coming my way that sometimes it can get hard to keep up with things that I am doing now. Usually I put out my weekly blogs every Monday morning but I am actually writing this blog at 8:00pm today (Monday)! Many of the people who follow me are probably wondering/ waiting for my blog to come out, so I can’t disappoint them in not writing one. (Mainly referring to my sister as my main follower) Therefore, I just want to make this a short and sweet blog about why you should always do that one last thing no matter how many things you have to do.

Sometimes when people get caught up with so much work they forget to do their daily tasks or just push it to the side because it may not be as important. I could’ve easily skipped this week’s blog and published one next week, but that would break my consistency of my content. When you break the consistency of your content, not only does it disrupt your schedule but it also disappoints the audience that follows you. If you have a following and they are waiting for you to put out that piece of content, do it!

When people are also super busy, they start spreading themselves thin and do a lot of things mediocrely but never finish the simple things. It could be small things such as sending that last email, replying back to that last message, or writing that one blog that you always do to finish off the day. I hate cutting myself short because I always have that regret in the back of my mind telling me that I should’ve done that last thing to complete my day.

Many influential people put out content on specific days of the week and they make sure they put it out on that very day. Mainly because they have followers, audiences, people that look up to them. If they skip a day of doing that it disappoints their audience and followers. They lose out on the knowledge that they could have provided the people that see them as role models.

With that being said, if you are overloading with things to do and have a few small things that need to get done, do them! Don’t push them to the side because every little thing counts!

Sabah Ali


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