Don’t Kill My Vibe

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Negativity kills many ideas, dreams, and goals that someone may want to achieve. It’s crazy because years back I never really understood the power of your mind and how your attitude can literally make or break your successes in life. A lot of times we blame the situation in which we think we aren’t in control of, when in reality it’s our attitude towards that specific event.

It derives from different areas in our life, some which we may never think of coming from. It can be your routine on how you attend life, your circle of friends, or even how confident you are in yourself. Think about it, every single day we choose on how we want our day to go. We may wake up in the morning and start off our day fantastic, then suddenly have something bad occur during the afternoon. Do we let that ruin the rest of our day or do we brush it off and continue on?                        

Depends on the person, I typically try and brush it off and finish out my day strong because no one wants to end a day badly.

Negative vibes comes from the three areas in our life that I stated above, your routine, circle of friends, and how confident you are.

Your Routine

I used to not have a routine whatsoever, my routine would be to schedule my classes late so I could sleep in, go to class, and then work my part time job. I didn’t really have a refreshing start to my day because I would sleep until it was time to drag myself to class each morning. I also never really had a great mood because of how I started my day. Now, I have a set routine where I wake up every morning at 6am and head to the gym. After the gym, I refresh my mind and focus on what goals I have to achieve for the day. This allows me to kick out any negative vibes going on so I can have a productive rest of my day.

Your Circle

Who you surround yourself with is who you will ultimately become. When you hangout with your tribe you start acting like them, get influenced by them, and ultimately become them. That is why people say your network is your net worth, who you surround yourself with is who you become. Now this can have two connotations to it, negative and positive circles. I have been in both situations and personally can see how it affects your mindset. For four year of my life I surrounded myself with toxic people and at that time I didn’t’ even know it. I was so sucked into the negative environment that I was blinded to see the bad that was happening in my life. Now, thankfully I have taken myself out of that situation and surround myself with people who will help me succeed in my future endeavors. Your tribe is everything.

Your Confidence

How do you present yourselves to others? Are you confident in the things that you do?

Many times people aren’t confident in the goals that they take on. You hear many people say “I don’t know if I can do this,” well why not? Back in my junior year of college I had to do a 15 page case study for a scholarship and a trip to NYC. At the time, i’ve always wanted to go to NYC and $5,000 wouldn’t be a bad thing to have as well. However, this scholarship was limited to only a certain amount of people and it was A LOT of work. During the 4 months I was doing this case I already set in my mind that I was going to win it and go to NYC. The trip to NYC was in January and I had already booked out those days in my schedule as if I was going to go.

Well, want to know what happened? I got the scholarship because I was confident in what I was doing and I cut out all bad vibes.

It’s amazing what your mind can do when you surround yourself with positive people and believe in yourself, because you can literally can be steps away from success. Therefore, get up, show up, and don’t let other kill your vibe!

Sabah Ali


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