It’s A Two Way Street

It’s A Two Way Street

All of my life I’ve constantly heard girls and guys wanting to find that fairytale relationship, hoping that one day they will run into their perfect soulmate but won’t take any initiative to make it happen. They dream that they will get sweeped off of their feet, live in a nice house and acquire that famous lifestyle. Yes, there are those “fate brought us together” relationships, but you can’t wish and wait for something to happen, you need to take action for things to fall into place. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go around and search for the right person but it also doesn’t give you the okay to not put in any effort in whatsoever.

“Good things come to those who wait”


“Good things come to those who work and take action”

This certain dilemma reminded me about how people hope to find spontaneous successes and careers but they don’t do a single damn thing to make it happen. They hope and prosper that they will succeed in a matter of weeks or months but once they don’t see millions of dollars right away they sit back and give up. This correlates to relationships because it takes work to be in a relationship as well, it is a two way street and so is a business, goal, or strength that you want to achieve. The outsiders who will help you achieve that business or goal is who you are in a relationship with in a different setting. You need to add value to them, let them know why they should help you to achieve what you want to, and build them up as well,  just as if you were pushing your significant other. If you hope to meet your lifelong goal by yourself it will take you a very long time. There’s always a team, soul mate, or friend who pushes you and helps you achieve that distinctive goal that you hope to.

I have watched many relationships, businesses, or goals fail because that person doesn’t work to maintain the relationship with the other person. So many people have that gift, potential that they don’t use because they hope that things will be handed to them. But honestly, that rarely happens you need to work constantly for what you want in life. Day and night you must maintain those relationships, value them, and not take them for granted. I am writing this in both point of views, weather it’s with business or a relationship because I have been on both ends of the spectrum and can strongly relate to both situations. Therefore, weather its with your significant other, family, friends, business partner, whoever it is work to maintain those relationships because you never know when you will need them.



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  1. Love this Sabah! Soo true. Everyone needs to read this!

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