It’s Not About Luck

It’s Not About Luck

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say the phrase “Oh you are just lucky.”


On Google the definition of luck means “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”


In other words, everything that I have accomplished in my life so far isn’t necessarily about being lucky. When you put things into perspective, the term luck comes into play when you get a surprise of success over something that you weren’t expecting.


Everything that I have done up to date has been from working day in and day out. Two years ago I was that person who thought every successful person grew to be the person they are now because they were lucky. What I didn’t see was what they were doing years before people saw them as a role model.


Not only does this relate to entrepreneurs, but people in different types of industries like athletes, celebrities, singers, anyone who people may sought out to be seen as lucky.


As I grow and experience more of the field of entrepreneurship people start to notice that I am doing things that are much more different than the typical person.


Attending red carpet events, movie premiers, and even being a part of throwing huge events has led people to seeing the glamorous side of things.


When people reach out to me they want to know my secret of how I have become so ‘lucky’ in such a short amount of time. They look at me and try to analyze the fact that a college student has somehow found her way into the realm of success.


Want to know what I tell them?


Luck is but only an illusion that people put on major success stories, the real secret to every ‘lucky’ person is the hard work and consistent seeking of new opportunities.


I put myself in situations and opportunities where I know I will grow and flourish as a person and in my career field. There has been so many times that I had to mentally push myself outside of my comfort zone to even see a bit of direction towards success.


It has been so hard for me to break out of my shell to realize that there has been so much more that I have been missing out on because I was cutting myself short. The minute I started to break through and work harder than people around me is when I started to see my ‘luck’.


Yes, you can be lucky in situations, but it mainly comes from putting yourself in opportunities that will allow you to see growth in areas that you have been working on.


You want to be lucky? Start working for it!


Sabah Ali



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