My Last Year of School Ever

My Last Year of School Ever

This past weekend has been one of the most craziest weekends ever.

Seeing my team and group of mastermind individuals the last weekend before my last first day of college ever was amazing. Going into this weekend’s mastermind and seeing everyone’s progress from when we met previously in Orlando was really exciting. I didn’t know what to expect because half of the people that were going to be at this mastermind I had never met them in person.

However, writing this on a Sunday night after wrapping up with the mastermind this morning, it felt like I had known every individual who was there for years. The connection and synergy that we had in a group was something that was unexplainable. I cannot even put into words the deep connection that everyone made with each other because what amazed me most was how diverse the group actually was.

Sitting there and watching everyone connect in not only a business level but in a personal level was something that can’t be achieved over the internet. What made it 10x better was this mastermind was in Brandon’s hometown in Iowa, in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. We were disconnected with no internet which forced us to make a real effort to talk to the person right in front of us.

After seeing everyone become clear in their goals and visions in the next couple of months, help made me really become clear of mine as well. Knowing that I am going to be starting my last first day of senior year in college is crazy because looking back at everything that I have accomplished goes to show how fast time really does fly.

I have made it my mission after this weekend that I am going to leave college with a bang. It is going to be my final year to show the world and more importantly college students that they can achieve their burning desire of the goals they want to do in the future now! Why wait months and years after you graduate college to start pursuing them?

Not only are you guys going to see the documentation of my last year of college through my Monday blogs but I will be doing daily Facebook Lives up until I graduate college. Mainly because I want to show people the real hard work, struggles, failures, low and high points that you go through when you are a college student and an aspiring entrepreneur. I am also on my journey of pursuing my love of fashion into a t-shirt line with a movement. That is something that I have been wanting to do and redirecting it into a different idea with t-shirts is going to be my beginning of my journey in the fashion-entrepreneur world.

Right now, that is just a small tid bit of what I am going to be doing in that, but in the following weeks i will break down more of an outline of how I am going to attack this new direction of fashion and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, I am exciting and a little exhausted from this past weekend and a couple of more blogs and work I need to get done before tomorrow! Obviously, this will be out on Monday but reflecting back on this Sunday night with everything that has happened and everything that is about to happen is mindblowing.

Because it’s just the beginning.

Sabah Ali


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