Making Big Moves

Making Big Moves

Writing my 48th blog is pretty crazy, it feels like I just had starting writing blogs but it’s already been almost a year! When you are so used to doing something for a long time, the days fly by faster than you could ever imagine. It’s the month of August, which is by far my favorite month because it’s my birthday month which means it’s a fresh new start to an entire new year in my life. Besides that I feel like August’s always give me more opportunities to jump on in order to keep my momentum going of building and growing as an individual.

Today is an exciting day because I am now a contributor to the publication HDF Magazine!

For those of you who may not be familiar with HDF Magazine, it’s a publication founded by Matt Gottesman, who was actually a guest that was featured on my podcast (EP 062 Check it out!). We made the connection through the podcast and he knew that I was a writer, blogger, and bestselling author. Therefore, we jumped on a call talked through things and thought of an exciting column that I could be featured in his magazine.

Entering my last year of college in two weeks is pretty exciting because three years have flown by so fast and I have accomplished so much within those years. Exploring the field of entrepreneurship while still being a student is challenging at times. When you have a full schedule of classes each semester, a host of a podcast, and working on building up your business, it can get overwhelming. However, I am super excited that I get to share my journey not just through the series of blogs that I have been posting but through my own column in HDF Magazine! I want to highlight that you can play both roles of a student and an entrepreneur, because at the end of the day I am still finding my way through the entrepreneurship world.

Scaling yourself and doing things that are bigger than what you are already doing is something that I really believe in. Mainly because if you are wanting to strive for something big in life but you are stuck in the same routine, there is no way that you are going to get to that point without creating new opportunities. For me, I really enjoy writing I have been blogging for months now and have written a book, therefore I wanted to show that to a greater audience of people. When I saw that I had the opportunity to write for HDF Magazine I knew that I had to jump on it to see where it would take me.

When you become good at something and comfortable in what you are doing that is your cue to start doing bigger things in that rem. To start scaling and leveling up in that area in order to become the best at it. If your main goal is to create something bigger than what you are already doing, there is no way that you will get to that point if you continue to do your daily routine.

I live for opportunities, adventures, different things that will not only just help me grow as an individual but allows me to share my message with the world. Which is why I decided to start a blog, podcast, and write a book because there is always a bigger message that needs to be heard.

Therefore, I am blown out of my mind excited because I get to share my ride as a senior in college and continue finding my way through entrepreneurship while juggling what college throws at me. Twice a month on Monday you can find either a blog or video about my last year of college!

Are you ready to jump on the ride with me? If so, check out my very first blog on HDF Magazine: I am Sabah Ali – An Entrepreneurial College Student’s Journey.

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