Stop Being Average

Stop Being Average

As entrepreneurs we are labeled as being crazy because we put our life on the line to make sure we achieve things that we dream about. People may classify entrepreneurs as being better than everyone else, but it really comes down to the way we live our lives.

I truly believe that every single person on this earth is the same, we are all human and are capable of doing the same things. However, what may distinguish us is the way we take on situations in life. We choose to strive above average and show the world what we are able to do.

Entrepreneurship on it’s own is a very different career that many people don’t understand. We challenge what society has created in the typical 9-5 working world by showing them that we can create our own life by following our passions.

It is not all about glamour, it is a tough career to handle especially when you are still in college. There were so many times I doubted myself in the things that I have done because my mind was filled with people telling me that I couldn’t do it. At one point, I was consumed with all the bad that I couldn’t even see where my life was heading.


I was wasting my time trying to do the exact same thing that everyone else was doing.


The risks, pain, long nights, hopeless moments, all became worth it when I started to realize what the world of entrepreneurship was actually about. It wasn’t about the money, fame, or even having the title of being an “entrepreneur” it was about making other people’s lives better.

We seek to find solutions for different problems that people face on a daily basis, while showing them that they are also able to change their own life based on where they stand.

Every single day I wake up and think about how far I have come, but also look to the future on how much more I still have to learn. I have failed numerous times and used to think that was a bad pivot in my life, but learning from those has taught me that failures soon turn into great successes.

No one can succeed in life without failing. No one. It is all a learning process which takes time. The moment you feel like giving up is the exact moment you need to keep pushing through because you never know when you are three feet from striking gold.

When you start feeling comfortable in what you are doing, that is your cue to go the extra mile and step outside of your comfort zone.

My best successes in life came from doing things that scared me and were out of my rem of comfort. I have faced many fears and have gained 10x the confidence that I never knew that I would have. It all came from taking the jump and realizing life was so much more than being normal.


Everything that I have accomplished so far is just the beginning.


Will you take the jump?


Sabah Ali


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