Take Time For Yourself

Take Time For Yourself

We work, study, learn, and then work some more, but how often do we take time for ourselves? As a student, worker, or an entrepreneur I believe that everyone should take some time for themselves to either hang out with their friends, family, or just relax. Working more than you should be can put a damper on your health as well as your mind and creativity.

Ever hear about how people get writers block or they just can’t think of any creative lyrics for the song they are writing? But when they go for a walk or escape from working they come back energized than ever. This is because sometimes when you work, learn, or study so much your mind physically feels tired and drained which means you ultimately just need time for yourself.

This doesn’t mean you need to take a week or two off from work, which you could, but it can be even a day or a couple hours. You revamp, relax, refresh, and then the ideas that you were working on come back to you stronger than ever. Not only that, when you are working it’s easy to get caught up in working on a project or with clients so it’s important that you take time to see your friends and family. Just because you are on the right path to do something amazing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make memories with people that are important to you along the way.

I know I have been guilty of sometimes putting work ahead of hanging out with friends but sometimes you need to take that break to see your closest friends. No that doesn’t mean that you go party every single night that they do but it means that you find an even balance between doing work and making time for yourself and friends.

Also if you want to just relax on your own, watch a movie, or just Netflix I definitely do not think that you should feel guilty about doing so. If you work hard on your business, school, or anything else I think taking that time to yourself is something that you have earned. Just because other people may never take breaks or take time for themselves doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

However, there is definitely a major difference between being lazy and procrastinating work than taking time for yourself after you have put a lot of effort into something. Some people may think they get an assignment done for school or make one video and then they take the rest of the weekend off. No that doesn’t mean you have the okay to waste numerous days partying or doing things that aren’t productive, it just means that you know when it’s the appropriate time to take some hours off for yourself.

Now, I’m sure we all have felt guilty about taking time off, doing something fun, and just not caring about work. I know I have numerous times when you are out either at a party or somewhere else and, the phrase ‘oh I could be learning how to do this instead’ pops up and you feel bad about not working. However, it’s okay you don’t need to constantly be feeling guilty about not working or studying, because there will always be time for you to go back to work and make things happen but sometimes you just need that time for yourself.

On that note, go take some time for yourself!



Sabah Ali


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