The Killer: Procrastination

The Killer: Procrastination

Procrastination is the main killer that gets people away from getting their tasks done on a daily basis. Everyone has ran into this problem especially if you are a college student. During college it’s easy for time to get away from you because you are out having fun with your friends, attending events, and going to class. However, there is always that 5 page paper or test that we have to study for, but somehow we always push it to the end of our list of things to do.

The minute we say “I’ll do it later”, is when we start procrastinating our work. Procrastination is never the way to go mainly because pushing to do your work at the last minute for one doesn’t give you adequate time to do a good job on it and two you are just wasting your time when you keep delaying it. There have been so many times where I have seen people delay their work because they are just too lazy to start doing their assignments and yes I have probably done that before also.

However, what I did learn was that procrastination is never good, there is no benefit you get out of it. It just makes you more stressed out because odds are you have a deadline on your work and you are just cramming to get it done the last couple of hours. Not only does this relate to students but to entrepreneurs as well. Maybe there’s that business you want to start or that blog you want to write but you might be ‘too busy’ to even get to it so you keep putting it off. You may already be overwhelmed because you feel like you have so many things to do but taking days off and putting work off just keeps adding on to the stress that you may already have.

It’s a bad habit that many people have but once you get out of that habit it makes life so much easier. These are a couple tactics I use in order to prevent procrastination:


Prioritizing your work is so important because it lets you know what things you need to get done first before you start doing other things. Therefore, if you have to get a paper done, write a blog, do laundry, and see your friends which one will you do first? Probably get your paper done because that has a deadline to it. Figure out what tasks are most important and attack them from most to least.

Imaginary Deadlines

The reason that many people procrastinate their work is they may not have deadlines to them. Therefore create imaginary deadlines for the work that you need to get done. Write it down on a calendar so that way you push yourself to get things done on time without wasting your time putting it off. I also do this with assignments, if I have something due in two weeks I put the deadline to get it done in one week. Stay ahead so you have more time for yourself!



Schedule out your day every single day. Seriously. Grab a planner or notebook and schedule out exactly what you are going to be doing every hour, down to when you are going to eat your meals as well. This has helped me a lot because I make sure I reach the goals I need to each day so I am not behind in my work.

These few strategies have helped me in the long run because it makes my life more organized and doesn’t put more stress on things that I need to get done. When you have a busy life it’s important to use your time wisely instead of wasting it and putting off things until the last minute!


Sabah Ali


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