Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy

Being able to get all dressed up in a long dress, makeup, heels, and hair done to walk a red carpet with some of the most respected entrepreneurs will definitely be a memorable night.

This past weekend I was in Los Angeles for the Think and Grow Rich movie premiere. To start off with, I was so thankful that I got the opportunity to be able to walk the red carpet at the event with the cast and share a moment with everyone who created this movie. It was 3 years in the making and I was blown away by how detailed the film was and how much work they put into it to create such an epic movement.

The movie was outstanding and there also was a panel afterwards about the casts reactions to the movie. Each and every one of them said words that inspired me to really get going in my goals. Right now, I am probably rereading Think and Grow Rich for the third time and it was amazing to see how much of an impact it had made on the people who were filmed in the movie and everyone else who was there. Brandon T. Adams, Barbara Corcoran, Lewis Howes, Bob Proctor, Rob Dyrdek, and so many more amazing cast members who shared their story throughout the movie on how they used the book to leverage success in their life.

During the movie, I kept thinking about how I can relate every single principle in the book into my life. That if you truly believe in something you can tell your mind that you can achieve it. Not only is Think and Grow Rich about being successful in the aspect of money, but being rich in all areas in your life. Being happy and knowing what you are passionate about that keeps you going every single day.

For the longest time, I was not in the right mindset, I was struggling because I really wasn’t believing in myself and what I could do. I was caving into the negative situations that were around me and it ended up putting me in a very low point in my life. I thought that the only thing that could make me happy was things that could come to me. I didn’t understand the power of thinking your way through situations and how the way you perceive things is everything.

Throughout the entire weekend, I also got the chance to mingle with all the people who attended the premiere. Making connections with others who have read the book to see how they related it to their own lives. I had a great conversation with Calvin Wayman, who attended the premiere and we talked about how much great energy there was in the theatre. We felt like we were at the right place because of the inspiration, motivation, and dedication that everyone had towards their successes and being genuine in helping others achieve theirs.

Two years ago I didn’t even know that I could live the lifestyle that I am living right now. Being a student, traveling, being able to connect with people who have had years of success is priceless.

There are so many opportunities in our life that we pass by because we think we cannot do it. I believe that we are doing a disgrace to ourselves if we aren’t recognizing the potential that we have because I truly know that everyone has a special gift that they can use to succeed.

Because at the end of the day it comes down to you.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

Sabah Ali


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