Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

We have about a month left for the new year and a bunch of us are probably in the same place we were a couple months ago. The new year is a time to refresh and change your outlook on life, but we shouldn’t JUST use this time of the year to transform ourselves.


Transforming our lives is something that we should be doing every single day.


Whether it is changing the way we think, act, or perceive situations in life. Every single day I strive to excel in all areas of my life. There are many goals that I want to achieve by a certain age, but the only way I can reach those is if I work to make a difference on a daily basis.


Think about it, if you want to become more physically fit, you cannot just workout one day and call it good. You have to consistently go to the gym, change your diet, and stay dedicated to it for a lifetime!


Making a change every day is hard. Very hard.


When I first started to make a difference in my life and live for ME not other people, it was challenging. I had to teach myself discipline in how I wanted to live my life.


For years I spent my life as an average person, doing the norm, and not caring about what it meant to find your passion.


From that I learned that I wasn’t living my life to the fullest, that I had so much more capabilities in myself that I NEVER knew that I had until I started searching for them.


Writing a book, becoming a best selling author, speaking at events, starting a podcast show, and now starting my own company is something I never thought I would do.


But it all started by recognizing how I wanted my life to look like and taking small steps to get to that point.


When I first started blogging, over a year ago now, I named my first blog “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step”. That is so true, I began my journey knowing that it will be a long ways before I started to see small successes.


I then visualized down to the days how I wanted my future to look like, seeing that picture in my mind every single day inspired me to keep pushing through everything that was going on in my life.


We all come from different backgrounds, some may have more hardships than others, but we ALL have the capabilities to make changes and choose the life we want to live.


What are you waiting for? Make the change now.


Sabah Ali



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