Vlogging for the Win

Vlogging for the Win

As you guys know I blog on a weekly basis and put out my blogs every Monday. It’s something that I have been doing for almost a year now and I love to create meaningful content that my audience can take away from me. Creating content and putting things out there helps create your personal brand, which many people are trying to do nowadays. Everyone loves to create content, do blogs, post on social media, but they also like to try the latest trends that are going on in society. One of the trending things that is taking over social media is videos and vlogging.

For those of you who may not be familiar with vlogging, vloggging is just the video version of blogging. So many people are blogging like what I do but they are starting to create vlogs as well. Knowing me, I always like to try new things therefore, I am going to start vlogging on a daily basis! I knew video was emerging in the social media world, so I started participating in that by doing Facebook lives. However, that soon became a major trend everyone started doing and it somewhat became diluted on the Facebook feed. Therefore, I wanted to create something that will be short and sweet that I can put out every single day.

That is when I decided to create about 1 minute daily motivational/ inspirational videos that people can watch. Doing this not only allows my audience to get more knowledge from the things I talk about but it also allows me to get better at my communication skills. Being in front of a camera is something I am slowly getting used to, so creating these videos on a daily basis will help me get a lot more comfortable around cameras down the road. This is something that is a simple thing I am going to be doing to get myself more out there. There is so many people who are wanting to grow their own personal brands, including myself, therefore doing small things like this will allow yourself to get higher up in that spectrum.

Before I made the commitment of starting a vlog series I really thought about if I wanted to do it. Mainly because vlogging can take a little bit more time to do if you are editing them and uploading them on different platforms. It’s more time consuming than the average blog that you can write anywhere and then upload onto your website. However, it’s summertime for me so I have extra time on my hands to do things that will make me more known in social media. If you are thinking about creating vlogs make sure to evaluate these three things before you start vlogging:


1.  Staying consistent

If you aren’t consistent when you vlog you will never build an audience that will want to watch your videos. Mainly because people like consistency, they want to see what’s next so make sure to create specific days when you put out vlogs to make it consistent for yourself and the audience.


 2. Creating meaningful content

No one wants to waste their time watching something that they can’t get any value out of. Make sure that you are creating videos that the audience will enjoy and get information rather than boring them with you rambling about a topic. Have good content and your audience will keep watching your videos.


 3. Short and sweet

A person’s attention span is very very short therefore, no one is going to sit there and watch a ten minute video everyday unless they absolutely already love your work. Therefore make your videos short and to the point. If you have a topic that you are talking about hit the major details and then end it at that.

Now it’s time for you guys to create your videos. Happy Vlogging!



Sabah Ali




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