Watch Out 2018

Watch Out 2018

Entering the New Year knowing that I have a set of goals to accomplish, a plan to get there, and finished out 2017 strong is very exciting.

Every year we all set our New Year’s Resolutions to become better in different areas of our life, but we fail to really focus in on our goals. A majority of people will already stop pursuing their goals after the third week of January, which in my eyes is very sad.

The reason why is because of three reasons.

  1. They set too big of a goal
  2. They don’t have a plan to get there
  3. They have no accountability

Are You Setting Too Big Of A Goal?

Raise your hand if you have ever set a goal that was way too big to accomplish?

I know I have.

A lot of people can miscommunicate this statement because it can have two meanings to it. You always hear on social media, ‘Set goals that are bigger than you’. But there is also a difference between setting big goals and accomplishing them vs setting goals that are no way near feasible in the time frame you set them for.

I enjoy doing 30 day challenges, which is a good amount of time to finish a pretty big goal. However, it probably isn’t enough time to make a million dollars if you are just a starting entrepreneur.

Therefore, when you do have BIG goals you want to set and accomplish, break them down into smaller goals, set realistic deadlines, and make a plan in order to get to that point.

Where Is The Plan?

There has been times where I would write all my goals down on a sheet of paper and stare at them every day hoping they would somehow magically get accomplished.

Guess what? Nothing happened.

It’s like saying you buy a car and stare at it hoping it will take you to the store. Stare at it all you want, but it won’t drive you anywhere unless you put gas in it, get inside the car, and drive yourself there.

Writing a goal down is simply not enough commitment in order to achieve that goal you are hoping for. Writing out a detailed plan on how to get there is the main part of actually working towards a goal.

Who Is Keeping You Accountable?

I find it easier to work and achieve a goal if you have support along the way. If you have a goal that you really want to accomplish, try and find a buddy to do it with you!

That way, every day when you have your designated time to work on that goal you can do it with your friend to make sure you guys are on the same page.

Surrounding yourself with people that will force you to level up and stay committed is a very important aspect to achieving greatness.

Therefore, find a mastermind group, friend, or circle of influences that will hold you accountable to your goals every single day.


Those are the top three things that you need to stay attentive to when you are working with goals. Have a set list of goals, a plan to get there, and accountability. Stay focused on those and you will reach them in no time.

I have spent a good couple of weeks before the New Year of spending time visualizing how my 2018 is going to look like. Now, that it is officially January 1st, it is go time to focus in on my three top goals.

2018 is going to be my year of focusing on:


Media Exposure

Unforgettable by Sabah

If opportunities comes my way and they don’t align to my goals above, I won’t take them.

Stay focused, committed, and make 2018 your b*tch!



Sabah Ali


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