What Have I learned In My 21 Years Of Life?

What Have I learned In My 21 Years Of Life?

Turning 21 years old today feels amazing, not because I am finally legal, but because there are so many things that I have learned throughout my 21 years of life.

Never would I have thought the numerous things that I have done at this age in my lifetime. Many people when they turn 21 it’s all about being old enough to get into bars, clubs, and buy alcohol, which it is, but for me it’s so much more than that. It’s another chapter in my life where I get to excel in everything that I am currently doing. There are benchmarks in life at the different ages you turn, such as the age of 16, 18, and now 21, after that the years just start flying by.

For me, I want the age of 21 to be the best year yet because I am finishing my final year of college and i’m getting my freedom to do anything that I want after I graduate college. It is my time to do what I want and what I truly believe in, and if it’s against the crowd, let it be because it’s so much better to be extra than it is to be normal.


So what have I learned in my 21 years of life? A LOT.


But I will narrow it down to 10 things that have stood out to me the most.


1. Materialistic things are not needed in life.

There are so many things out there that destroy friendships and relationships, what I have learned is they are just things. Things that are not needed in life in order to maintain happiness and connections. It’s about the experiences and memories that you make with others


2. Live life on the edge.

Buy that last minute plane ticket. Go out and travel instead of working a regular 9-5 job right away. Get on stage and tell people what you truly believe in. Do something crazy because you only have one life to live.


3. Pay attention to your health.

The most important thing in life should be your health and well being. Stay healthy in order to pursue the amazing things you want to accomplish in life. Eat well, workout on the daily, and don’t ignore your wellness.


4. Never please everyone in life.

Not everyone is going to agree with every single thing that you are going to do in your lifetime. People will chronically underestimate you and if you please every single person in life you will leave out the most important person that you need to please. Yourself.


5. Go to college only if you want to.

Don’t go to school just because that is the normal thing to do, why? Because school is not always needed. If you want to be a doctor or a field in that rem, go to college. However, if the only reason you are going to college is because that is the next thing you are supposed to do in life, think again! The world changes and more than half of the things that I have learned wasn’t from college.


6. Real friends will stay by your side no matter what.

Life changes a lot, people will change even more, and when you start living life differently from others people will notice and they will either leave or stay by your side. But one thing that is true, is if you support each other in your future endeavors, a lifelong friendship is bound to occur.


7. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Who do you want to be in life? Look around you, if the person next to you isn’t who you want to be, change your circle of acquaintances. Like what they say, your network is your networth.


8. Never lose track of the real you.

Change is good, but sometimes you can take it to a far extent and forget about the important things. A lot of things occur in life that can alter your vision, mission, and beliefs, but don’t stray away from who you truly are and what you are set out to do in life.


9. Don’t overthink it.

I bet you are overthinking something right now as you are reading this. If you are, don’t. Just go with your gut, believe in yourself, and make that decision like the  boss that you are.


10. Always have fun.

In all seriousness, having fun should be one of your priorities. There are times in life where you should focus on your career, but don’t miss out on moments that you can never get back. Celebrate wins, but not for too long. 😉


…If you know me, I never stop at the bare minimum, which is why I am going to add a bonus of number 11!


11. YOU are your biggest competition.

Everyday we are competing to become better, win over others, and acquire the superior life. Life is a competition, and what happens is people get stuck on what everyone else is doing, which leads to negativity, jealousy, and hatred because we all want to be the best. I have learned that the life that you are living is about you, because at the end of the day nobody can be you. You are unique, you are amazing, and you are the only one that should look yourself in the mirror and become better every single day.


As always,

Sabah Ali



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