Why Your Million Dollar Idea Isn’t Working

Why Your Million Dollar Idea Isn’t Working

Do you ever feel like everything that you are trying to do in order to succeed at a project, class, or building your brand never works? I have felt that way before and it can be defeating when you think you have tried every single thing but it’s just not cutting it for you.

When this happens, for most people, they give up on whatever they are working on and move onto doing something simpler. They think that there is no way to achieve that goal and the other people who have, well they just got lucky. However, that is not the case. The people that you see successful with everything that they dreamt of didn’t come along with just luck, they worked for the things that they have..

It can take someone weeks, months, years to build up an empire that they dream of because there is no such thing as overnight success. One of my negative factors that I have is my patience, I am the most impatient person ever, but that is something that I have been working on. Mainly because that is one major trait that you need in order to be successful. It takes time to build up your brand, gain a relationship with your customers, and get to that level so people will buy from you.

Therefore, before you throw in the towel and say nothing is working, how long has it been and are you really putting 110% into your work?

Some people that I have encountered tell me their problems because they can’t get a specific course to sell or they say their marketing campaign isn’t working. Then I ask them how long has it been and have you tried different strategies in order for it to work?

You want to know what they said to me?

They said, “Well it’s been a month and no one has bought my course and I’ve only tried a couple ways to promote it.”

….and you wonder why no one is buying your course. Probably because for one no one knows who you are. Two, your course is so new that no one even knows about it and three you are probably putting in a couple hours a day to sell this course, if even that much.

I like to tell people that you need to build your own brand before you even think about building your own business. Why? Because people buy the brand, the face of the product they actually want.

It’s amazing to see how many people think it’s super easy to become a millionaire but they don’t want to put the work into doing something as easy as selling a course. What they lack is patience, persistency, consistency, and most of all desire. You may think that you just need one of those traits in order to see your main goal, but that’s not the truth. It takes so much more than just one skill to see the successes, it takes them all.

One of my goals in my lifetime is to be a millionaire, however I am not quite there yet. Why? Because I lack the skill of patience, yes that is something that I am working on but have not mastered yet. However, the thing that I am doing is recognizing the fact that I have a weakness that I need to work on in order to pursue my future endeavors.

Therefore, if you think you have tried every single possible thing in order to sell a course, product, or service, think again. Write down the things you have tried and why they aren’t working and then acknowledge your characteristics towards that specific project. Odds are you are probably lacking traits and strategies which is why your million-dollar idea isn’t working.

Sabah Ali


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